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How to buy an access NFT

reserved for members of the Mysterious Work Club Foundation?

(2 minutes)

go to the payment link

First Sale:


Second Sale:


Third Sale:


Fourth Sale:


Last Sale:


You can find the address of the smart contract by clicking on the link present in the lock as in this image:

Do not buy NFTs from this lock if they are not part of the smart contracts mentioned below, it is probably a scam

note: the title of the payment interface as well as that of the nft collection may be different if you go through an affiliate link. But the addresses of the smart contracts will remain the same.

2.Sign the message to Continue:

3.Authorize connection on your wallet:

4.Select the collection (A) you want and click next (B):

5.Choose your payment method (example of payment with cryptocurrency):

6.Click on “Pay using crypto”:

7.Confirm payment to your wallet:

8.The current mint may take a few moments; you can see its progress on the block explorer:

9.Get the notification of "Successfully minted NFT", before clicking on "go check", let's make your NFT visible in your wallet by clicking on "Open keychain":

10.Connect your wallet:

11.Confirm the connection request on your wallet;

12.Find your Nft (loading may take a moment), click on it:

13.Remember your Token ID, you will be asked after:

14.Click on "Options":

15.Click on “Add to my crypto wallet”:

16.Click on “Add token”:

17.Your NFT is probably listed in the tokens, click on it:

18.A window opens and detects that it is an NFT, click on “Yes”:

19.Your NFT will be listed in your NFTs portfolio:

20.And gain access to our members-only Discord server: